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Taking little steps towards optimism

February 18th 2022

Optimism can massively reduce anxiety. But what if you are a pessimist? Here is how you can ...

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Tilt – the new (improved) approach to work-life balance

February 04th 2022

Work-life balance is hard. So here is another way to reduce stress - just tilt!

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Making time for time

January 14th 2022

If you never have time, this tip can create more time for you.

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Three wise…….questions

December 17th 2021

Three questions to ask yourself at this time of year.

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This too shall pass – how it helped my mind keep me going through Covid

November 26th 2021

What I did to help my mental health during the Virus

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You see what you focus on

November 06th 2021

A simple technique to build a very resilient mental strength

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