Depression, suicide and pain management

Rachael had had an accident at work leaving her in extreme back pain resulting in her losing her job.  She had gone from living a busy life as a single Mum to being in constant pain, living off benefits and having a very restricted life.  In her words, she had “no joy” in her life which had led to a suicide attempt.

Going back further into her life, there were other factors such as successive controlling and abusive relationships, various medical conditions, and a tendency to always putting herself and her needs secondary to everyone else’s.

Rachael was recommended to me by her partner, so we were able to get a swift start as her awareness of how I worked was already in place and after the first experience of hypnosis, she could feel a change in the levels of pain in her back.  Her aim was to be able to throw away the crutches she was using.

After two sessions, she walked into the house without crutches – she was not quite ready to throw them just yet but was confident enough to walk short distances without them.

In total we had 4 sessions spread out over nearly 3 months.  On our follow up call a month after her last session, she reported that she was now “able to walk upright without my crutches and am off my pain medication.  When I am in pain, I can relax and use my mind to help control it.”

Whilst this was a great result, the increase in her self esteem was for me, more significant.  “I am able to vocalise my thoughts.  I have stopped being all things to everyone and am now my true self.”

I now have the confidence and strength to look to go back to work and hopefully enjoy a job I really want to do.” (Rachael was waiting to hear if she has been accepted to train as a phlebotomist).

Working with Rachael helped her use her mind to not only heal her body but also to create a mental strength to create a life of her choice.

“I have no doubt that Caroline saved my life as I was in such a dark place.”

If you can relate to any elements of Rachael’s story, please get in touch

Angie came to see me with the brief simply that she had lost her direction. In her own words, “I feel like I am drifting on the sea and don’t know which way is up.

She was someone with a number of pressures in life; a dependent mother, a single Mum to a teenage son with learning challenges  and most significantly, a job she hated. She wanted to move away from the area but felt that her responsibilities meant she had to stay in Salisbury.

Getting started

Our work together was two dimensional – firstly looking backwards at what was ‘anchoring her’.  We started accessing emotions she had buried that she was unaware of, and then looking forwards to create a future that motivated her to take action. The result:

  • She put her house up for rent and is in the process of moving back to where she grew up and where she feels she belongs.
  • Her mother has also found new accommodation and is moving with her so they can retain their close relationship.
  • Her son has found the perfect course he has been dreaming of doing in the local college and his application was accepted.
  • She has been offered a job and financially will be secure.

Whilst I will miss seeing her in and around Salisbury, I am delighted that she has found a new life for herself and is no longer drifting. What I also found particularly exciting was that her work not only found her new direction, but just like ripples in the pond, her action had an impact on those around her. Her mother was delighted at the prospect of going back to her home town and her son has opened doors to opportunities he had not found in Salisbury.

The result

A few final words from her: “I am more confident and more focused. It (hypnotherapy) has changed my life dramatically. I could not have done any of this without you.”

Rachel came to see Caroline with a desire nothing more specific than “I just want to feel better.” She found herself feeling very down and demotivated.  Her eczema was bad and she was frequently tearful and over-emotional.  And there were many days where it was a struggle to get out of bed.  All signs of an increasing state of depression.

Rachel had a total of 5 sessions and her condition showed “significant improvement.” In her own words…

There is way less intensity in experiencing negative emotions, definitely a ‘lighter’ feeling and the joy of rediscovering laughter. It is almost as though my range of emotions has broadened in number and variety…with less angst and intensity.

My goals and activities to achieve them are now crystal clear and my limiting beliefs are greatly reduced. This has led to increased motivation, a huge reduction in fear of failure and rejection and increased excitement in achieving goals. Also I am not put off by adversity along the way, am able to keep more balanced, deal with things and keep my eye on the prize…

Everyone’s experience of hypnosis is unique to them, but new clients often ask what it is like. In Rachel’s case, “It actually felt like being completely awake but as a different part of me, if that makes sense? A focused part and a part that could not be presented in a non-authentic/self controlled light.

Rachel is now motivated to build a new career and is finding that new opportunities are coming to her now that her energy levels have a direction.

 “My experience of working with Caroline”

Caroline has the unique ability to ‘know’ when someone is ready for change. Her natural perception, intelligence and strong kinesthetic awareness means Caroline ‘instinctively’ uses the ideal intervention, every time, to enable people to ‘see’ and deal with the underlying problem or root cause of a particular behaviour.

In my case Caroline noticed I exhibited a strong desire to please people, often at my own expense.

Caroline suggested a timeline style intervention and used a ‘hypnotherapy’ style questioning approach to help me discover where this belief of ‘HAVING to please others first’ had originated.

I remember clearly that ‘we’ went back through 2 or 3 generations and I discovered a ‘bizarre’ piece of information that, although made no logical sense at the time, gave me peace of mind and more importantly an understanding of the ‘root cause’.

The result

Once Caroline had ‘bought’ me safely back ‘into the room’ I was amazed at ‘our’ discoveries. I seem to remember feeling peaceful and calm. The experience has now given my conscious and unconscious minds a chance to ‘rationalise’ and ‘move on’ thus ‘freeing’ me from the old strong desire to please! I am now ‘in my own power’ and my choice to please others is NEVER at my own expense.

The intervention, followed an emotional period following the breakup of a 13 year marriage in 2000.

Caroline’s ability to ‘maximise’ the opportunity for change was profound and I am deeply grateful to her on all levels.

If you have Caroline ‘in your life’ now, please know you are safe and ‘seen’; allow Caroline to heal the parts of you that are ready to change now.”

In 2013, Philip developed a condition in his foot that inhibited his mobility.  This led to the need to make adjustments in many areas of his life. He struggled with these changes and things took a significant downturn following the death of his brother in law. Feelings of loss, insecurity, anxiety, problems making decisions and concerns about his future culminated in an increasing depression.

From a person who had had full control of his life, he found himself, “Living my life in fear with the feeling that there was something inside my head that was stopping me moving forward.”

Getting started

Philip and I worked together over a few months.  I gave Philip some practical tools to analyse his emotions to get a better understanding of the triggers of anxiety.  He also started to notice what helped him feel better. This greater awareness of the external forces on his own internal state has helped him feel much more in control.  This also helped him to be far less influenced by the words and actions of other people.

The result

“I feel calmer in myself and more able to deal with situations as they arise.  I’,m no longer unduly concerned about the future as I try to live in the day and not look back.

Life has improved and almost back to where I was before my illness.  Whilst I still have moments of doubt/fear/concern, I am more able to deal with them and to not let them overtake/overcome me.”

Feelings of depression are experienced by most people at some time. The work that Philip has done does not mean that he will never feel depressed again.  The key difference is that he now has a much greater awareness of his emotional state.  This leaves him more able to take steps to prevent any decline back to that more clinical state of depression.  He has tools to pick himself back up quickly on those days where, as we all experience at times, the clouds come over!

“Initially I was unsure about contacting Caroline as I thought that I could resolve my problems myself without outside intervention but I realised that I needed professional help.

The decision to get in touch with Caroline proved to be one of the best decisions of my life.  If I had not done so, I would still be in that ‘dark place of despair’ with the potential consequences of that situation and its impact on my life and that of my partner.”

If you can relate to that ‘dark place of despair’ please know there is a light for you to find and I would love to have a chat with you .

In my experience depression and anxiety often go hand in hand as one condition leads to the other. This was the case with Jennifer.  She was feeling depressed because many elements of her life were not panning out the way she anticipated.  This was leading to an anxiety about what her future would be; and the two led to a downward spiral.

In her mid thirties, she’d had a series of short-term relationships and desperately wanted to be a mother. She was in a work environment she didn’t enjoy and struggled with insomnia.

Sometimes the work I do with clients can be likened to them being onions – as you cut through a layer, you find another one below. Jennifer was very much like this. We discovered part of her challenge with forming lasting relationships came from very early childhood.  Her father had abandoned her mother when Jennifer was very young but the memory had stayed with her. She then learned that she had been one of a twin who had unfortunately not made it into this world but Jennifer had sensed that loss even at those very early stages of life. These learnings allowed her to see things with a new perspective that changed this downward spiral of depression and led her to make new decisions in her life.

The result

“Thank you so much for all your help and support. I feel I have come such a long way from who I was when you first met me. With your help I have been able to put my past into perspective and not let it control me anymore. I am so much happier now than I have been in a long time. My new job couldn’t be going any better and I feel this is the next chapter in my life. I don’t beat myself up as much and am more confident.”

When asked to if there was anything about hypnotherapy that surprised her, Jenny’s answer was, “How easy it was to be hypnotised and how quickly feelings surfaced that I didn’t realise were there.”

Jenny has now changed jobs, moved house and is also getting her finances back in order and looks to the future with a fantastic positivity. In her words:

“You have helped change my life for the better, thank you!”

If you feel I can help you too, please get in touch and let’s chat.

Kara came to me with the explicit wish that she wanted to be free of taking anti depressant drugs.  She had a goal of “reaching the happiness I’ve always been chasing”. She had been taking Citalopram for 4 years following being diagnosed with depression.

“Before having hypnotherapy, I tried several times to come off of anti-depressants. I tried weaning myself off gradually (as directed by my GP) and I also tried ‘cold turkey’. Every time I ended up having a break down and would end up taking the anti-depressants again. Because I tried and failed so many times, I lost confidence that I would ever be free of the tablets and I believed I was reliant on them.”

The result

Her story continues in her own words…

“Caroline took me on a journey to allow me to overcome this belief that I was dependent on anti-depressants. In fact, the anti-depressants were actually preventing me from achieving my goal of reaching happiness! Thanks to Caroline, coming off anti-depressants was achieved and I’ve never looked back!

Since having hypnotherapy my life has changed in every way possible – ending a bad relationship, new home, new job… But thanks to Caroline, during this challenging time I have remained free of anti-depressants, have continued to be focused and have made my own choices using the techniques she has taught me. Not only has Caroline allowed me to achieve a life free of anti-depressants, she has also helped me to be able to live a happy life without depression, anxiety and stress controlling it. I now have a clear, positive outlook of life, with visions, goals and choices.”

“Caroline has exceeded my expectation in every way possible. I have achieved more than I could ever have imagined after my hypnotherapy sessions with her. Hypnotherapy was almost a last resort for me and I couldn’t see any other option. I knew I couldn’t achieve what I wanted to achieve without help. Without Caroline’s professionalism, patience and integrity I would still be living a life controlled by depression, anxiety, stress and pure misery! Thank you for not only giving me my life back Caroline, but for also allowing me to see life in a completely new light!”

I always ask clients if they have any suggestions on how the my services in Salisbury could be improved. Kara’s answer to this question…..”A glass of prosecco on arrival!” Hmmm, Kara, I will have to think on that one for a while!