Centenary celebrations

David was a client of mine and he started podcasting after we spoke about his desire to get into it but anxiety was holding him back. It was such an honour to be asked to be his 100th guest and it was great talking through those days of anxiety and where he is now.
He is living proof of how when you step outside of the comfort zone, it grows

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Anxiety podcast

Interview with South African Leadership expert Claudio Chiste

Claudio is also a professional speaker and in this interview he asked me about the most common anxiety disorder and their symptoms, we covered some tips and techniques specifically for anxiety around speaking and how you can deal with the realities of living in a stressful world. Its a short podcast (15 mins) but we pack a lot in!!

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Podcast for fiftyfaceshub, a US resource covering a range of mental health issues

It was a great experience to chat with a top American Legal professional who on the side, does work around promoting wellbeing and mental health. We dived into many triggers behind anxiety and how language and the words we use can be really influential.

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Unlock your Hidden Confidence with Lara Lauder

Lara is a global podcaster and focuses on how to find confidence - what a perfect match for me!
In our chat we really honed in on the fact that confidence is not something you gain itself, it is a result of doing something new. And to do that, you need to be brave!

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Interview with Award Winning Podcaster, Amy Rowlinson

Amy's podcast Focus On Why lead us to dive deeply into not only why do I do what I do, but Why anxiety is not a bad thing. We covered so much ground including the fear of judgement, comfort zones and much much more. Her questions proved why she is a top class interviewer

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Interview on Radio Wiltshire about anxiety when children leave home

Interviewed live on air, I spoke with DJ Sue Kinnear about how to manage anxiety when your children leave home - an especially poignant interview for me as 3 days earlier I'd dropped my daughter off at Uni!

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Podcast with Mel Loizou on Leadership of the Mind

When respected podcaster on Leadership asked me to come on her podcast we hit it off straight away - and I think you can tell that in this interview. We spoke about leadership of the mind and really got into talking about comfort zones and the anxieties around stepping out of the comfort zone.

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Radio interview

This short interview with Sue Kinnear on BBC Radio Wiltshire shared three tips for reducing anxiety

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Salisbury Hospice Podcast

I make a donation to a local charity from every new clients first session. The latest donation which represents 200 new client sessions has gone to Salisbury Hospice - people who helped me when my Mum was on her way out of this world It was a great, fun chat where we talk a bit about anxiety too!

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Anxiety advice shared on Magic FM

I was asked by Magic FM to record a short sound clip for inclusion in their show "Lessons of Lockdown" It was aired on 19th Feb 2021

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Interview with Top Speaker Mark Faithful

Mark is one of the Regional Presidents of the Professional Speakers Association and in this interview we talk about the impact of anxiety on performance. The first part of the podcast is Mark sharing a story about the origins of Denim - one of those 'I never knew that' moments!!

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Podcast with David Watson

David is building a great following by just chatting to people about who they are and what they do. It feels as if as a listener, you are ear-wigging on a private conversation - and don't we all love to do that!!?
I was honoured to be David's first interview and we spoke about all things - and of course a little bit about anxiety too!

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Chatting about anxiety

In this interview I was sandwiched between two lovely ladies who quizzed me on anxiety, particularly poignant to one of them who had struggled with anxiety in the past and we touched on anxiety as lockdown starts to lift.

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Podcast with Carlton Brunton

Carlton is a videographer and loves to get to know his clients so that he can really get the best out of them in videos. He uses this skill to also create his podcasts and in it we talked about hypnotherapy which is how we met, and then get on to all sorts of stuff around how the mind works and much more.

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Interview with Alan Levi

Alan is a personal trainer, and one who also looks at all the elements of physical health as a way to achieve physical fitness. He has a passion for helping with sleep and in this interview we focus on the impact of sleep on the ability to study. He shares some great tips and ideas on how to improve sleep and I learned a lot about chemical optimisation!

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