Radio interview

This short interview with Sue Kinnear on BBC Radio Wiltshire shared three tips for reducing anxiety

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Podcast with David Watson

David is building a great following by just chatting to people about who they are and what they do. It feels as if as a listener, you are ear-wigging on a private conversation - and don't we all love to do that!!?
I was honoured to be David's first interview and we spoke about all things - and of course a little bit about anxiety too!

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Podcast with Carlton Brunton

Carlton is a videographer and loves to get to know his clients so that he can really get the best out of them in videos. He uses this skill to also create his podcasts and in it we talked about hypnotherapy which is how we met, and then get on to all sorts of stuff around how the mind works and much more.

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Interview with Alan Levi

Alan is a personal trainer, and one who also looks at all the elements of physical health as a way to achieve physical fitness. He has a passion for helping with sleep and in this interview we focus on the impact of sleep on the ability to study. He shares some great tips and ideas on how to improve sleep and I learned a lot about chemical optimisation!

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