Working with me

There is still a stigma around therapy, especially hypnotherapy. However, world class athletes now use techniques I work with. We all have things about ourselves we can make (even) better. My approach is to help you be the best version of you; no judgements, no assumptions, total confidentiality.

What is important to me is....

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“First things first,
what is different about you?”

I work in a home environment which is very conducive to relaxing and the kettle is always on when you arrive.

My sessions are 90 minutes:  Experience is shown that you achieve more in 2 x 90 minute sessions than 3 x 60.

And I don’t clock watch! If something has come up, we see it through to the end – no nasty ‘time is up’ calls!

You can watch a short video here that will tell you more about how I work.

I don’t help you!

I help you to help yourself! It’s a bit like learning to swim. A swim teacher guides and motivates, but can’t swim for you. Like a swim teacher, I want YOU to develop your abilities. And whether you want to do a ‘width of doggy paddle’ or become an ‘Olympic swimmer,’ I will be beside you.

How to get started

Get in touch

Use email, the contact form on the Contact Me page, text, or simply pick up the phone.

Let’s Talk

Telephone Chat

I can tell you more about how I work and answer any questions you may have to help your decision making process.
The call will be in total confidence and very informal.

Let’s Talk

Chemistry Session

Our first session together will be very relaxed; it is our ‘going paddling in the water’ rather than throwing you straight in at the deep end. It is designed to help you decide if this is the route forward for you and if I am the person you want to have beside you. From that point on, we can move forward very quickly.

Let’s Talk

Therapeutic sessions

You are an individual therefore our work together will be totally bespoke to you. There are
no processes or systems; we use whatever tools and techniques are most appropriate to you.

Let’s Talk

Are you ready to take the next step?

Anxiety is heightened by the unknown and this can make the first session scary. This short video will help you to get a feel for what will happen once you knock on the door, what the environment we work in looks like, and start to get a feel for me! It takes away some of those unknowns and helps you to decide if this first step is one you are ready to now take.

How else you can get my help

If you cannot come to see me, we can still work together:

The nitty gritty

Costs, times and duration

One piece of information I am sure you will want to have is about cost. My sessions are 90 minutes long (most therapists are 1 hour). This longer session time has proven to deliver quicker results with clients achieving more in 2 x 90 minute sessions than 3 x 1 hour sessions. The cost for each session is £120. Sessions are available Monday-Friday with evening appointments also available.

How many sessions?  That is a more tricky one to answer as everyone is different.  I will however give you my views on that after I have found out a bit more about you.