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Minding the gap to reduce anxiety

June 14th 2024

Creating a pause to regain control

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The past is for learning

April 26th 2024

This is something the Dalai Lama does to reduce anxiety and stress.

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What to do when you are feeling very down

March 18th 2024

At times it can be hard to pull yourself out from under a black cloud. Here are some simple steps ...

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Why do resolutions not work?

December 31st 2023

Will New Year be new or just a repeat of behaviours from last year? Here is how you can change ...

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How to make resolutions successful

December 08th 2023

The three questions to ask yourself that will help next year be better than this year

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Moving from medicine to energy – a different approach to reducing pain

November 10th 2023

When medical procedures draw a blank, what can you do?

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