Overcoming Anxiety & Phobias

If your car is not running properly, a mechanic can re-calibrate something to make it run smoothly again. Anxiety is a bit like an engine that gets you moving when danger is perceived. And sometimes it over-revs! But it can also get re-calibrated so that your life runs more smoothly too.

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“What is the difference between Anxiety and a Phobia?”

Anxiety, stress, panic attacks, insomnia – they are all words that can be traced back to one of our most basic and trusted emotions – fear. Fear is there to keep us safe by reacting to perceived danger by either running from it or fighting it – the Fight or flight response.  However, issues arise when fear is triggered and there is nothing you can run from or fight.

A phobia is a very specific trigger leading to a high level of fear.  It tends to reduce significantly when the trigger is no longer there (ie spider, flight, lift etc)

Anxiety is typically more generalised and can range in intensity. It tends to have a more prolonged presence.  And often the trigger to anxiety is a thought rather than something physical.

“What phobias can be resolved?”

In short – any! Spiders, heights, flying, lifts are all very common. I’ve also helped people with more unusual ones such as fears of stairs, slopes and of eating chicken! Never think that your phobia is silly. It is real for you and I respect that and am here to help you.

“What is the difference between Anxiety and Depression?”

Anxiety is usually more future based – worries about something that might happen. Depression is typically based on the past – something that has already happened. However, whether your thoughts are in the future or in the past, your symptoms are real now and affecting this moment.

"Caroline helped me get rid of a phobia that I’ve had for most of my life, in just 2 sessions! My phobia used to limit me in so many ways and cause me to doubt myself and keep myself small, but that is so not the case anymore!
Caroline has a lovely down-to-Earth and compassionate vibe, and I felt safe and cared for during the sessions. I was hopeful that hypnotherapy would work but part of me also didn’t believe that it could shift such an ingrained phobia... but it did!"

Alixandra . Leeds

Wow... I cannot tell you how much Caroline has changed my life!
"I've been afraid of water, boats, heights... For most my life. Yet, after just a couple of sessions with Caroline I feel liberated and on a mission to do all the things my anxieties took away from me.
Thanks... It’s amazing."

Gail . Preston

Are you ready to take the next step?

Anxiety is heightened by the unknown and this can make the first session scary. This short video will help you to get a feel for what will happen once you knock on the door, what the environment we work in looks like, and start to get a feel for me! It takes away some of those unknowns and helps you to decide if this first step is one you are ready to now take.

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    Working with me

    It starts with a conversation – and that can be tricky if you feel embarrassed about how you are feeling. I’m here to talk, no judgements, just understanding and a desire to help. I’d like to make it as easy as possible for you to take that first step in reducing your fears or overcoming your phobia.

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