Hypnos was the Greek God of sleep and records of hypnotherapy have been found going back 3000 years. However, this long term practice has been very misrepresented by modern day entertainment and I’d love to tell you more about how it really works.

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“I am really nervous
about being hypnotised.”

This is totally normal – anything that is ‘new’ will lead to a nervous sensation. However, many people confuse hypnotherapy with what they see on stage shows or TV. I will explain to you how hypnosis is just a state of relaxation, a way of calming the brain waves down from Beta state (high activity) to Theta (relaxed mode). This is something that happens naturally every day (when day dreaming your mind is accessing Theta brainwaves). The only difference is, I help you to learn to access those states consciously.

"Will I tell you all my secrets?"

Only if you want to!

When in hypnosis you are still fully in control. You will choose what you tell me, I cannot ‘make you’ do anything. However, the therapeutic relationship is based on trust and confidentiality is implicit in everything we do. Many people have told me things they have never told anyone else, and by sharing these burdens, they feel like a ‘weight has lifted.’

I am here to help you unburden yourself and your secrets are totally safe with me.

"I could not recommend Caroline enough. She has changed my life!
I had had counselling on and off for 18 months and was just going round in circles, I was given Caroline's details by a trusted friend and thought I would try hypnotherapy. I wish I found her sooner. After the first session we had achieved so much more than I had in my counselling sessions.
Caroline is calming, friendly, reassuring, optimistic, trustworthy, approachable and a great listener.
If anyone is anxious about hypnotherapy and what it involves, I would say give it a go. You won't regret it!! Best decision I have made."

Jenny . Southampton

"As someone who doesn't believe in this stuff let me be the first to say I was shocked by the results. During our 3 sessions Caroline guided, prodded and probed her way to many root causes that without her I doubt I would have ever been able to see myself. I had many "ahh haa" moments and was armed with tools to help support me through my journey. After 6 years of putting off working with Caroline all I can say is I wish I would have worked with her 6 years ago! Highly recommend."

Pete . Chelmsford

Working with me

It starts with a conversation. You may have lots of questions about hypnotherapy so please allow me to answer them. Once you are well informed of what hypnosis is, you will be in a better position to decide if it is for you. Let’s talk.

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