Motivation - how to get it when you are running low!

This is a technique I learned from my coach and now use it a lot. It can be applied to those big things you want to achieve, but equally useful to apply to the everyday things too. And it is so beautifully simple!

4 Techniques to Reduce Acute Anxiety

There is anxiety caused by things you have little control over ending- such as a pandemic. And then there is acute anxiety - a short term but very intense anxiety experienced by things such as public speaking, exams or sports competition. Here are 4 tips to help in those intense situations.

5 tips to successfully change a habit

Few people stick to new resolutions. In this video I talk about the 2 main reasons why and share 5 tips that will help you to change any habit that is not longer working for you.

6 Coping Techniques in Times of High Anxiety

This is the tortoise approach to anxiety rather than the hare!
When the factors causing stress are prolonged, such as in a lockdown, or a bad job or relationship that you can't leave, you need to take a different approach to reducing anxiety.
Here are 6 techniques - the secret is to start with just one.

What to do if you are having a Panic Attack

Panic attacks are getting more common and most of us will have at least one at some point in our lives. Here are 5 things to do that will help you if you do.

What to do if you see someone having a Panic Attack

Panic attacks are becoming more common and if you come across one it can be very stressful if you don't know what to do to help that person. Here are 3 tips that will help you to be of help the person having the panic attack. It also includes info on triggers, symptoms and facts around panic attacks.

Stress Busting Tips

On this playlist there is a series of short videos that share easy to use techniques to reduce stress - and even to help prevent it too.

What to do if thinking about the future makes you anxious

Anxiety is based around a feeling of vulnerability - and we can't control the future and thus it can create this perception of vulnerability. Here is a technique that I use to reduce anxiety and actually be more in control of the NOW.