Overcoming an Addiction


My Approach

Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and even food – all can result in a physiological change, resulting in an addiction that is outside of your conscious control. A cigarette or a drink may help you to ‘get through’ a  difficult moment. But when you simply can’t live without the alcohol/drugs/sweets etc you have an addiction.  However, you can overcome an addiction.

Pregnant woman are often able to give up cigarettes or alcohol whilst they are carrying their baby, only to return to it after giving birth. During the pregnancy, their mind was strong enough to over-ride the physical addiction– proving it is possible.

So how does hypnotherapy work?

The first key to reducing a dependence on something is finding a strong reason to stop NOW. It may be you are seeing your health deteriorate. Or not wanting your children to copy your behaviour or see you out of control. And just like with the pregnant lady, we work to find that same sense of purpose that is relevant to you.  We then use this to carry your body through the time it takes for the physical reliance to reduce.  You learn new techniques and strategies to overcome the problems you used to use your addiction to ‘solve’.

Hypnotherapy can be used alongside other aids such as patches or help groups.

How long does it take?

The length of time needed will vary significantly depending on the level of dependency and the length of time you have had it. The work we do together will rely on you practicing the techniques that I will teach you between sessions and your being fully committed to making the change.

"You have been very helpful and I feel better able to control the devil on my shoulder saying “go for it and stuff the consequences!!”