Pain Management


My Approach

There is much evidence available of how the mind can manage pain. Consider the sportsmen who compete on what would normally be debilitating injuries, their focus so intent on their event that they do not register the pain. Why do some people seem able to cope with devastating injuries, whilst others struggle with minor abrasions when our physiology is all the same?

I have no medical qualifications but I have experienced creating total amnesia in parts of my own body and helped others achieve the same. I have worked with clients who have gone from taking as many pain killers as they were allowed a day, to taking none most days. By actively involving the subconscious mind in pain management, the results can be astonishing.

You may be thinking, “Why not just take pain killers?” and you have a valid point. Commonly stated reasons for looking to alternatives is the reduction in efficacy of drugs over time, side effects and also the despair felt at having no control. I do not recommend stopping taking prescribed drugs without medical involvement, however, hypnotherapy can be used to compliment traditional treatment and give you some autonomy and involvement in managing your pain.

So how does hypnotherapy work?

The pain messages are received in the mind.  Therefore, by working with the mind, the messages can be diluted and with practise, actually turned off.

It is important to recognise that pain serves a purpose – to protect.  For example, pain prevents you walking on a broken ankle as this would lead to potentially more damage.  Thus the work that we do is mindful of this higher motivation and more readily directed to chronic pain rather than acute pain.

How long does it take?

Learning the technique is relatively easy.  What is required is commitment to practise the technique regularly and I will support you in doing that in your own time.

"It was a completely relaxing experience and after one session the issue I had been living with was substantially better. On top of that I felt more relaxed in my everyday life too. "