How is the problem created?

Adolescence is a difficult time full stop!  We start the phase as a dependent child and the aim is to end it as an independent adult having gained a set of skills and values that support adulthood.  And then throw in hormones!  It is a period of huge change and coping with that change can be very difficult.

So how does hypnotherapy work?

Much of my work with teenagers who are struggling is about helping them ‘reframe’ the struggle.  This is teaching them to look at things from a different perspective that then changes the meaning.  And teens are typically very, very good at doing this!

Reframing is more effectively done under hypnosis than using conscious awareness and the new levels of awareness are more readily utilised at the subconscious level.

How long does it take?

The number of sessions required varies from teen to teen but typically few sessions are required with often only 1 or 2 being sufficient to help the teen be ‘up and running’ again.

"My son was having a tough time at secondary school, he was withdrawn, unmotivated and feeling despondent about his academic abilities. He spent some time with Caroline to talk through his feelings and weaknesses. I could tell after the first session that something had clicked, as he stood more tall, was chatting and clearly felt that a weight had been lifted. This positive outlook helped him to become confident in school and when conversing with other adults, a boost of self belief really did help his development, especially as teenagers are hormonal, emotional and indecisive. A huge thank you to Caroline who helped him overcome obstacles and understand that how he was feeling is normal and that he is not alone through this development into adulthood."