Relationship issues


What creates the problem?

Relationship problems in teenagers is not new.   Girls have been bitchy to each other throughout history! What has changed is how social media is used to communicate.

A huge percentage of interaction is now done remotely rather than face to face.  And often this is done through text/posts where there are only words to express meaning.  In these mediums, tonality of voice and non-verbal communication have been removed.  These are both key elements in communications.  (Emojis were developed in an attempt to bridge that gap!)  And as the quality of communication becomes poor, misunderstandings are made and as importantly, there is a permanent record of words shared.

So how does hypnotherapy work?

Similar to the work I do with developing self-esteem, the focus is on developing the teen’s own values and beliefs.  And from here, we build on how they choose to communicate with friends.  I help them to understand that relationships come and go and this is not a reflection on them as individuals but that the compatibility that was once there, no longer is.  By helping them be clear on their values, they can then form relationships where there is greater compatibility and harmony, and use their words more effectively!

This level of understanding is managed at the subconscious level.  Thus, doing the work under hypnosis can be more powerful than engaging with the analytical conscious mind.

How long does it take?

The number of sessions required varies from teen to teen but typically teenagers engage well with the work and progress is swift.  Teenagers are given resources and exercises to help them make progress between sessions and I will support them until they feel they have the inner confidence they desire.