What will this course do for me?

Stress is like a dripping tap and in this stressful world in which we live, the tap keeps dripping. Stress builds up until one more drop leads to a flood.

This course is like taking the plug out of the sink! It puts you back in control.

Stress is still there but you prevent it from building up - to the point that each drip can go straight down the plug hole.

Do you have to be a control freak to register?

We are all control freaks! When we are in control, we feel safe. When we are out of control we feel vulnerable. Vulnerability leaves us feeling anxious and stressed.

There is nothing wrong in being in control, in fact it is a great place to be. And as for the freak bit - it is just a saying. Thus, being a control freak is optional. :-)

What will I get?

You will receive 30 tips - yes 30! But you won't need to use them all. I am willing to bet that in your wardrobe you have a whole range of outfits. You have those that are your favourite, outfits for special occasions, and probably, a few things you never wear. But you know they are there just in case... Even my husband has over 20 shirts, but wears the same 5 most weeks! These tips are like your mental wardrobe!

In it you will find:

  • 3 First Aid tips for when a crisis is imminent.
  • Stress reducers. Tips to stop stress out escalating.
  • Stress preventers. Tips that make the plug so small that stress just flows away.

Why 30 tips?

Let's come back to our wardrobe reference from the What Will I get section. Your wardrobe will be different from mine.

We are all individuals with different preferences. By sharing all of the tips I have gathered over the years of being an anxiety therapist, you can then select the ones that you are drawn to and work for you.

The first aid tips are there for the 'special' occasions - and hopefully you will not need them often!  You will find about 8-10 that are your 'comfy' tips - the ones that are your favourite and you will use regularly. The rest are like your rarely worn clothes, you know they are there if the need for them arises.

How does it work?

The course is run through a closed Facebook group for members only. Each day you will receive an email with a link to that days' tip.

You will have lifetime access to the course. You may decide to stick with the first aid tools first and then over time, build up your ability to bring in more tools and keep that sink empty!

And you can ask questions in the comments boxes under each tip and I will be there to help you get even more from the techniques

The Nitty Gritty

The course is £30 for 30 tips and lifetime access to the Facebook Group

You can start at any time and you will receive the first tip the day after you buy the course.

And you can get started by clicking on the register button below.

Ready to get stuck in?

This course is £30 with lifetime access to the Facebook Group. Register now to start your 30 days of stress tips

"As someone who doesn't believe in this stuff let me be the first to say I was shocked by the results. During our 3 sessions Caroline guided, prodded and probed her way to many root causes that without her I doubt I would have ever been able to see myself. I had many "ahh haa" moments and was armed with tools to help support me through my journey. After 6 years of putting off working with Caroline all I can say is I wish I would have worked with her 6 years ago! Highly recommend."

Pete . Chelmsford

I can’t recommend Caroline highly enough, she has really helped me in the last 3 months with my anxiety/anger and depression. The counselling and hypnotherapy I have received with working with her has really helped me, along with the techniques she taught me.

Matt . Salisbury

She has left me with some tools that I can now use whenever I need to and has taught me a lot.

Lauren . Essex

Caroline has given me the tools to think differently and change my behaviour for a happier life. She is calming, caring and importantly for me very open and honest. She truly cares for you and you are never just another person. Working with Caroline has given me changes in all parts of my life and helped me build better relationships with friends, family and improve my work/life balance. Everyone in my life have commented on the positive changes and I feel calmer and happy.

Claire . Bristol