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Maryanne – Abusive Relationship

Maryanne was referred by her close friend who had worked with me.  Thus she already had a good insight into hypnotherapy and was excited to get to work on her challenges.

Hypnosis, however, is a very personal experience.  After her first experience of hypnosis, Maryanne described it as, “The most relaxing thing I have ever done. It was not scary, just a very personal deep relaxation.”

Maryanne was experiencing a lot of negative thoughts.  She had very low self esteem after many years of abuse, both from her mother and a partner. Now in a loving marriage, the past was prohibiting her from enjoying what she now had and also stopping her from moving forward in her career. She was also very focused on the impact her past was also still having on her son.  She was very aware that, as a parent, our state will ripple out to touch our loved ones.

The result

We had just 4 sessions together and then I didn’t hear from Maryanne for a while. When we got back in touch she told me the following:

“I have managed to let go of false beliefs around relationships that I have had stemming back years. By focusing my thoughts in a positive way, I imagined a new job and car, both of which are now a reality. I am much more positive and believe totally our thoughts create things and what we think we will attract to us.”

The power of positive thought is very strong. However, it was letting go of the old beliefs that she had created that provided the platform from which new beliefs could grow. And having beliefs that things could change, that the future was not controlled by the past or pre-destined, allowed her to start creating her own reality rather than just accepting ‘her lot.’

“Caroline you are an inspiration. Even throughout your own life challenges you have made time for myself and have turned my son’s life completely around. He was reluctant at first but was drawn back to you and I will be eternally grateful for how we now both are changing our lives.”

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