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Sharon – Low Self-esteem

Sharon first came to me with a list of things she wanted to work on. This is not uncommon.  The starting place for me is to work out if all of the areas she was wanting to change were being supported by one single root. What became evident was this root was very low self-esteem.

Her childhood had not been the happiest.  A struggle to form lasting friendships/relationships had been a consistent theme throughout her life.

The work Sharon and I did together was to address some of the deep rooted beliefs that were no longer serving her.  We also included a lot of practical exercises and activities for her to build skills that her family situation had not supported her learning naturally. These exercises were then things that she took away with her to work on between sessions.

Key, was for her to now take charge of her own life rather than feeling as if she was always destined to be a victim. For her, placing trust in someone was a huge ‘ask’ but session by session, that trust grew and so did she!

The result

Sharon’s work with me spread over 7 months, culminating in 13 sessions. We would have a number of sessions close together and then a time period when I didn’t see her. These quieter times allowed her to work on the exercises we’d discussed.  She increasingly became more comfortable with the new skills she was developing.

Here are Sharon’s own words:

“Caroline helped me put a lot of things into perspective. Her exercises helped me to focus on my individual anxieties and stresses.  Our sessions also allowed me to finally come to terms with how I chose to react to the things I could not change.

Her understanding, patience and guidance throughout my hypnotherapy with her helped me understand myself.  I believe I changed my perceptions of my issues more than a talking therapist could. Through our work, she encouraged me to abandon procrastinating words such as ‘but’ and ‘try.’  Although frustrating at first, once I began to change my language, it helped me to refocus my way of reacting to adversity.  I realised it was myself who had become my biggest barrier!  I no longer had the excuse not to evolve into a more centred person with better clarity in my life. For that I highly recommend people come to her for the focus and calm that they need.

That, and her beautiful dog Sapphire is a joy.

Sharon has now joined a choir and is exploring her options of changing career.  She is also re-igniting an incredible artistic talent she has been suppressing.

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Maryanne – Abusive Relationship

Maryanne was referred by her close friend who had worked with me.  Thus she already had a good insight into hypnotherapy and was excited to get to work on her challenges.

Hypnosis, however, is a very personal experience.  After her first experience of hypnosis, Maryanne described it as, “The most relaxing thing I have ever done. It was not scary, just a very personal deep relaxation.”

Maryanne was experiencing a lot of negative thoughts.  She had very low self esteem after many years of abuse, both from her mother and a partner. Now in a loving marriage, the past was prohibiting her from enjoying what she now had and also stopping her from moving forward in her career. She was also very focused on the impact her past was also still having on her son.  She was very aware that, as a parent, our state will ripple out to touch our loved ones.

The result

We had just 4 sessions together and then I didn’t hear from Maryanne for a while. When we got back in touch she told me the following:

“I have managed to let go of false beliefs around relationships that I have had stemming back years. By focusing my thoughts in a positive way, I imagined a new job and car, both of which are now a reality. I am much more positive and believe totally our thoughts create things and what we think we will attract to us.”

The power of positive thought is very strong. However, it was letting go of the old beliefs that she had created that provided the platform from which new beliefs could grow. And having beliefs that things could change, that the future was not controlled by the past or pre-destined, allowed her to start creating her own reality rather than just accepting ‘her lot.’

“Caroline you are an inspiration. Even throughout your own life challenges you have made time for myself and have turned my son’s life completely around. He was reluctant at first but was drawn back to you and I will be eternally grateful for how we now both are changing our lives.”

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