How anxiety can be overcome by stepping out of your comfort zone

June 19th 2020

Covid 19 came and pushed most people out of their comfort zone. The question now, is ........


Being in your comfort zone is a common phrase, as in “That is outside of your comfort zone.”  And along with that is the association that everything outside the comfort zone is scary!

I recently came across this saying and it resonated with me:

For many of us in lock down, the comfort zone of work, routine, social contact has been taken away.  We have literally been pushed out of the comfort zone and for many, this resulted in high levels of anxiety – initially.

However, 3 months on from lock down, for most, there is a new ‘norm,’ a new comfort zone that feels more safe again.  And in fact, I am increasingly talking to people about how they are feeling anxious about going back to work, or back out to do things they have not done for months because of how the parameters of their comfort zone has changed.

When you reflect back on Maslow (whose main theories were created in the 1940s/50s) perhaps he knew what was coming!  Covid 19 pushed almost everyone out of their comfort zone, their ‘safety,’ and I believe everyone has grown in some way.  That may be in learning new skills, fostering better relationships, relaxing more.

The challenge now becomes…

Do you continue to step forwards or step back into safety?

The reality is when you step outside your comfort zone, it is only uncomfortable for a brief period of time.  The evidence is all around us in how what was frightening just 3 months ago is the new norm.

Think also of your first day at secondary school, or the first day at a new job.  That first day was tough, by the end of the week it was easier, a month in and it was normal.

Many may choose to stay in this new comfort zone and enjoy the ‘growth.’

There is however another choice – and that is to continuing to take more steps forward.

This is a fantastic time to do things differently because the norm is still unestablished making it easier to step forward.  Its a bit like the rolling stone, it is hard to get it moving but once it does, its easier to keep it going.

Think on this….

If you could make changes to 3 areas of your life, what would you change?

Think of relationships, career, finances, health, friendships, spirituality, environment, personal growth…what could take you to a new level of comfort if you stepped forward?

And with those three areas in mind, set yourself a goal – not just a little one but make it a big juicy one.  What health wish would you ask a fairy godmother to grant you?  Or what amount do you want to see at the bottom of your bank statement?

And now, don’t worry that you don’t have a fairy godmother, or that figure is unrealistic.  It’s about taking a step forward and growing because taking a step back into safety means you will stay there.

All you have to take is one step, and then another, and then another, and soon, those things that once felt unrealistic could be your new comfort zone!

Are you up for it?

Please share your thoughts with me in the comments box below or email me directly (click here to make it easy and tell me what your goal is, perhaps I can help you get the ball rolling?

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