Moving from medicine to energy – a different approach to reducing pain

November 10th 2023

When medical procedures draw a blank, what can you do?


I recently was being treated for perceived cancer.  Once the initial shock was over, I found myself giving my power to the GP, the Consultants, the dieticians, to tell me what was causing my symptoms.

I know from my work that when you give your power to someone else, it makes you vulnerable.  And vulnerability leads to anxiety. And here I was doing exactly that.

And each time I had a consultation and I was hoping for ‘the’ answer, but heard instead “We don’t know what’s going on,” it deflated me a little more.  I was waiting for them to give me the solution and in the meantime, was ‘floundering.’

I have worked with enough people to know that physical symptoms can be created from trapped energy – buried emotions.  I convinced myself that I was a therapist so of course that could not be true of me as I dealt with everything that life had thrown at me…….or had I?

So I have swapped the ‘c’ (cancer) word for a different C word…


This used to be a word I used a lot but it had slipped down to the bottom of the tool box.  I started being curious as to what ‘stuff’ I may have internalised that is NEVER going to show up on an MRI scan.

I know I am at risk of being dismissed by many medics when I start talking about energy, trapped emotions, law of attraction etc and that is fine.  However, by getting my own mindset back into this area, I am taking back control and things are happening.

– By focusing my meditations on releasing negative emotions, my pain has decreased

– By stepping outside of my comfort zone and being curious as to what can happen, options are coming my way that I didn’t even know were there

– By using my energy in a more positive way, it is attracting back all sorts of other solutions to problems that have been kicking around for a while.  And by releasing the stress of those, more energy is available to do other things with.

Energy is real.

This may sound a bit weird as we all know it is.  But I mean on a different level.

Our heart sends out a magnetic signal.  Our minds sent out an electrical signal.  And these are the signals that EEGs and ECGs read – science understands it.  And the more we learn to understand it’s impact on the body, the more we can use it to create health.

I am working with those magnetic and electrical signals to help my body heal – and it’s working.  And if you would like to explore this more for yourself, please get in touch and I’d love to tell you more.

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