How to stay positive in a world of negativity

March 11th 2022

In these tough times, how can you avoid being dragged down.


Who would have guessed that I now get excited at quantum physics?  In secondary school, the only thing that interested me about physics was the good looking physics teacher!

It is an understanding of quantum physics that can help you see why so many people are feeling down at the moment.

And if you are in this less than happy place too, let’s start talking….

….tuning forks!

1. Vibrations

Tuning forks vibrate at a certain resonance.  And that resonance has a frequency.  One of the laws of physics is that like attracts like, therefore things on the same frequency are attracted to each other – are tuned in.

Many of us will have been effected by the situation in Ukraine: the loss, the suffering.  That is all a vibration.  A  vibration that we can tune into and can actually change our own internal vibration leading us feeling low, worried, stressed.

So how do you tune out?

2. Control your focus

Take 10 seconds and look around the space you are standing in and see how many things you can see that are blue.

Here we go….1, 2, ………10!

How many did you see?

And now how many green things did you see?

It’s a simple game but the point is, we see what we focus on.  If we choose to look for blue things, we find them.  And in doing so, we don’t tend to see the green, even though they were around too.

Now swap blue and green for negative and positive.

We are surrounded by negative things, and when you look for them, they are very easy to see.  However, you then tend to not see the positive things – even though they are there!

So here is my challenge for you

Pop an alarm on your phone to go off several times throughout the day.  When it pings, stop and take just 30 seconds to look around you and focus on the good things that you can see.  Perhaps there are some beautiful flowers outside. Perhaps there is a cup of tea in front of you.  Perhaps it is just calm and you can enjoy the silence.

The aim is to just notice.

And then get on with your day.

What this exercise does is start to train your mind to focus on the positives.  It is a bit like doing a series of mental push ups several times a day making that mental muscle stronger.  And it can start to strengthen your internal vibration too.

And this makes it easier and easier to see the positives to the point that you no longer need that alarm to remind you to do it – it has become a habit.

And in this new habit, you see so much more green than blue!

So start right now.  Take a look around and then pop in the comments box, what positive things you can see in this moment right now.

To watch a video on this technique, click here.

Caroline Cavanagh is an anxiety specialist  and hypnotherapist in Salisbury, Wiltshire.  She is an author and public speaker and would love to talk to you if you would like to know more about her work

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  1. Linda Howland says:

    We really need this at this stressful time…. Thank you!!

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