Caroline’s Blog

Feeling tired?

September 24th 2022

Are you feeling extra tired at the moment and not sure why?

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Age and mental resilience – are they linked?

September 23rd 2022

Does age affect how we behave? Or does how we behave affect our age? That is the question!!

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Grief and grieving

September 09th 2022

Unlike many emotions, grief is expressed in many different ways. Now is a time for all to ...

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My experience of loss

September 09th 2022

My experience of grief and how I helped keep that connection with the person I had lost.

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How mental leadership creates your reality

August 01st 2022

How a glass of red wine down a wedding dress led to a new appreciation of mental strength

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Facing your fear

July 15th 2022

Three tips on how to make facing your fear easier to do

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