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October 15th 2021

Do you need to feel it? How can you let it go?

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Fear of spiders (and other 8 legged beasties!)

September 10th 2021

Almost 1 in 5 people admit to being PETRIFIED of spiders. This blog helps you to understand why ...

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Beliefs – the bedrock of our behaviours

August 14th 2021

Our beliefs are fundamental in creating our thoughts and feelings - but they can be changed and ...

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If anxiety restricts what you do……

July 16th 2021

If anxiety is keeping your world small, read this inspiring story

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Phobia of needles -and other things!

June 18th 2021

Fear of needles? Other phobias? People often do their best to hide phobias however, with the right ...

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Do you fear being judged?

June 11th 2021

Here are two simple steps to help you stop fearing the judgement of others.

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