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Nothing is real until you make it real for you

October 10th 2023

There is fact and there is perception. But which causes the most anxiety?

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How feeling lost or adrift is a big source of anxiety

July 20th 2023

Feeling lost or adrift is a big source of anxiety. Here is a way of getting you moving again

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What is the most important currency to reduce anxiety?

July 06th 2023

Being in debt is a common source of high anxiety and stress. But is money the only currency..?

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How to feel better when you are down

April 23rd 2023

If zero is depressed, and ten is flying, what number are you at now?

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The ABC to confidence

March 25th 2023

How to get from Anxiety to Confidence

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Mantras – what they are and why they work

November 26th 2022

Mantras are often discredited. However they work. Here is why and how to create your own.

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