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The ABC to confidence

March 25th 2023

How to get from Anxiety to Confidence

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Mantras – what they are and why they work

November 26th 2022

Mantras are often discredited. However they work. Here is why and how to create your own.

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A tip for reducing social anxiety

November 12th 2022

The fear of being judged is an anxiety many people experience. But it WILL happen! Here is a ...

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Help for anxious clients during legal proceedings

November 09th 2022

Reducing anxiety around court proceedings

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Why being selfish is a good thing

October 29th 2022

Being selfish is seen as a bad thing - I am here to challenge that!!!

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5 tips to overcome the Autumn Blues

October 14th 2022

If your mood is falling as fast as the leaves, here are 5 tips to help get you back on your feet ...

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