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Do you really need to? How one little word can create anxiety!

August 28th 2020

The words we use are incredibly powerful and can strongly influence anxiety levels and success. ...

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How to create a new habit

August 06th 2020

You have spent your life creating habits - and your mind doesn't check in to see if they are good ...

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How to find confidence when you need it

July 17th 2020

Here is a simple technique to help you find confidence when you need it.

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Teenage anxiety and the fear of returning to school

July 06th 2020

Starting back after the summer hols can be challenging, and this year, it will be a quantum leap ...

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How to reduce anxiety using a jigsaw – but this is not what you think!

July 03rd 2020

You may not be a jigsaw kind of person, but this strategy to reducing anxiety and overwhelm could ...

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How anxiety can be overcome by stepping out of your comfort zone

June 19th 2020

Covid 19 came and pushed most people out of their comfort zone. The question now, is ........

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